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HVAC Filtration

HVAC Filtration

Industry Air Sales Ltd (IAS) is your Ontario source for in-line air filter housings. Partnering with Filtration Group and other high-quality manufacturers, IAS can supply side-access filter housings of almost any size or arrangement to meet the most stringest requirements for particulate or gas-phase filtration, or any combination of both! Standard construction is 16-gage galvanized-steel, aluminized-steel, T304 or T316 stainless-steel.

These modular construction housings come from the factory fully-assembled in sizes up to 96” x 96”, for larger systems the filter boxes are factory-prepared for stacking in the field, just like building blocks. While there are many options available on these engineered side-access filter housings, some of the more common options include:

  • Continuous seam-welded construction (NO caulking)
  • Factory Leak-Testing, particularly important for HEPA & ULPA filter housings
  • Filter Trains, where pre-filter, gas-phase and/or HEPA/ULPA filter housings are mated in series at the factory
  • Weather Packages, caps and double-wall insulation for outdoor installation
  • Transition Sections
  • Fan and skid base assemblies
  • Differential Pressure Gages and Transmitters, and Test Sections and Ports

Apart from the filter housings and trains, IAS can supply air filters from MERV6 to MERV16 (ASHRAE 52.2 Standard), along with gas-phase filters and modules, all the way up to HEPA & ULPA filter elements. ALL FILTERS are of industry-standard sizes so you are not stuck purchasing “proprietary filters” year-after-year.

Please visit our webpage for some general information on the various housings and their standard features and options. Then contact IAS to design the filter system to meet your particular requirements.

Side Access Housings

hvac housing
➜HVAC Filter Housings in a variety of arrangements, capacities up to 30,000 CFM.
➜Gas-phase housings for particulate and gaseous filtration, with activated carbon, impregnated carbon or potassium permanganate medias.
➜HEPA Filter Housings – Bolt-Seal, Crank-Seal and Bag-In/Bag-Out designs.

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Carbon Filtration

carbon housing
➜Carbonweb® flexible carbon-filled fiber filter media – rolls, panels and ring panels.
➜Odorguard® panel filters to remove particulates, odors and gaseous pollutants.
➜Activated carbon trays, modules and modular housings.

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Low Efficiency Filters

low efficiency filters
➜Standard and high capacity pleated panels meeting MERV8 (per ASHRAE 52.2).
➜Metal (galvanized steel) framed pleated filters, UL Class I, for high moisture and elevated temperature applications.
➜Standard and special sizes in 1” to 4” thicknesses.

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Mid Efficiency Filters

soniq pocket


ultrastar cell

➜Pocket type, synthetic microfibre type, efficiency ranges from 40-45% up to 90-95%.
➜Rigid Cell, synthetic media type, efficiency ranges from 40-45% up to 90-95%.
➜Rigid Cell, wet-laid glass paper type, efficiency ranges from 60-65% to 90-95%.
➜Rigid Cell, wet-laid glass paper type, 4” deep “mini-pleat” style, efficiency ranges from 60-65% to 90-95%.

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High Efficiency Filters - HEPA

HEP Filter
➜Efficiency range between 99.97% on 0.3 micron (HEPA) to 99.99995% on 0.1 micron (ULPA).
➜Variety of cell side materials, configurations and media pack depths available.
➜Gasket or gel seal styles to fit any need.

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Mist Eliminators

➜Dry media “Mist Eliminator” filters, baffle-type and expanded-metal type.
➜Aluminum, galvanized and stainless-steel construction.
➜Standard-duty and heavy-duty designs.

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