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Tips for Keeping your Commercial HVAC in Top Shape

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soniq pocketLike any other major investment, your commercial HVAC system needs regular maintenance and proper care. Failing to conduct routine maintenance will only end up costing you money and time in the future.

Here’s how you can care for your system.

1. Use the winter season for maintenance and upgrades

Setting your routine inspections and maintenance during the winter, or the off-peak season, makes sense due to how several technicians will be available to handle repairs. Moreover, scheduling maintenance and repairs in the winter means being able to avoid emergencies during the summer months—when your filter will be needed most.

2. Prevention is better than cure

As with most sophisticated machines, preventive maintenance is always better than actual repairs. Prevention goes a long way in addressing smaller problems before they grow bigger, thereby saving you money.

However, many organizations still have a reactionary way of thinking about HVAC maintenance. Preventive care and maintenance not only ensures your system lasts longer and runs more efficiently, it also helps maintain high indoor air quality all year round.

3. Know when to repair and when to replace

If your HVAC system’s repairs have reached a point that it’s hurting your operating budget, it may be time to replace the system, especially if it’s an older one. Consider how many repairs you’ve conducted and compare the total price of a new machine. A good rule of thumb is to consider replacement if your repair costs have exceeded 50 percent of the price of a brand new system.

4. Focus on condenser coils

Something so simple has the ability to prevent the complete degradation of your HVAC system, saving as much as 30 percent over a 20-year period. Simply take a power shower and using it on your rooftop unit is enough to prevent buildup of dirt.

With these pointers, you should be able to extend your HVAC system’s lifespan and keep it running smoothly for years.


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