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Need Help Identifying That Goyen Dust Collector Valve??

DD Series

Industry Air Sales Ltd (IAS) is your Canadian source for Goyen & Mecair Dust Collector Valves. Goyen Valve is the most recognized name worldwide for dust collector pulse-jet valves and cleaning system components, and IAS is the largest stocking distributor of Goyen & Mecair Valves & Parts in Canada.

While we can get our hands on any Goyen or Mecair dust collector valve, finding the right valve or kit is not always easy. There are many generations and styles of valves, and part numbers get painted over, labels wear off, you know the story! Every day we get calls from people trying to identify a dust collector valve, and we understand their frustration — these darn valves all look the same to the average Joe! (This is especially true when they are painted over and hooked-up on a dust collector 30’ off the ground.) So to help guide our customers through the confusing world of dust collector valves we took some time (and some pictures) and put together this handy guide to the world of Goyen & Mecair valves.

Just click on the link and download your PDF copy of this simplified pictorial guide to our dust collector valves — We hope this will help, but if it doesn’t just give Gary or Rob a call for personalized assistance.

Goyen Dust Collector Valves & Cleaning System Components

IAS stocks all the standard Goyen and Mecair diaphragm and solenoid valves and kits, including:

  • Diaphragm repair kits from ¾” up to 2” size, For the original (bolted-top), Millenium and the new 4-Series Valves
  • Solenoid Repair kits for 1/8” and ¼” pilot solenoid valves, for integral and remote piloted solenoid valves
  • Threaded port and Dresser Coupling Diaphragm Valves in ¾” to 1-1/2” diameter for new and rebuild dust collector work
  • Timer Boards for 4-10 Station Controllers in both AC and DC voltages

With over 50-years combined experience in pulse-jet dust collection and cleaning systems, IAS can answer your technical questions on pulse-jet valves and other cleaning system components. We can also assist you with pulse-jet dust collector rebuilds and retrofits. IAS also has access to Goyen Valve Corp’s proprietary GOCO software for cleaning system design. From valves to nozzles, bulkhead fittings and controllers, we are your Goyen Canada source.


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