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Non-Goyen Valves and Parts (ASCO®, TaeHa® and Turbo®)

Industry Air Sales Ltd. (IAS) has been your trusted Canadian source for Goyen & Mecair dust collector valves and parts for almost 20 years. We have grown over the years to become Canada’s largest stocking distributor of Goyen & Mecair valves, repair kits and parts. As part of this growth as a supplier of dust collector valves and parts, each year we get more-and-more inquiries for dust collector valves and parts from other major valve OEM’s, including ASCO®, Turbo®, Tae-Ha®, and others.

To respond to this increasing demand for non-Goyen valves and parts, we have been steadily increasing our shelf stock of ASCO®, TaeHa® and Turbo® dust collector valve repair kits. We have the following dust collector valve repair kits stocked right here in Guelph (Ontario) for our Canadian customers:

  • ASCO ¾” (K096875)
  • ASCO 1” (K200262; K238866; K314450)
  • ASCO 1-1/2” (K262964; K276886; K23887)
  • TAE-HA ¾” & 1”
  • TAE-HA 1-1/2”
  • TURBO ¾” & 1”
  • TURBO 1-1/2”


industry air sales asco rebuild kit



industry air sales tae-ha rebuild kit


Dust Collector Valves & Repair Kits


Goyen Dust Collector Valves & Parts

Apart from these stock items, IAS is your source for any dust collector pulse-jet valve, rebuild kits or parts. We can also assist you with upgrades to your pulse-jet cleaning system, from valve updates to addition of nozzles and other cleaning enhancement products. We also have state-of-the-art timers and controllers to update your dust collector controller!

Call or email us for technical assistance or a quote to upgrade your pulse-jet cleaning system!!!


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