Vacuum Systems

Industry Air Sales Ltd. carries a wide variety of Industrial Vacuum Systems in Ontario. Our products range includes small portable units, large central systems and wet vacuum systems for the collection of explosive dusts as well as a complete supply of tubing, fittings and tools.

Get more information about industrial vacuums Ontario area only from Industry Air Sales now. Our wide array of Vacuum Systems is made for every capacity and industry. See our choices and start using our vacuum systems today only from Industry Air Sales Ltd.

Central Systems

➜Capacity range from 50 CFM to 3,000 CFM .
➜Multi-stage filtration allows for recirculation of clean air.
➜Equipment designed for continuous operation.
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Explosive Dusts

➜Systems designed per NFPA recommendations for explosive dusts.
➜Wet cyclonic separators remove explosive particulate such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium dust from the airstream, keeping it saturated to prevent potential explosions.
➜High efficiency separation allows for re-circulation back into the area.

Pharmaceutical Units

➜Features include explosion vents and explosion proof electrics.
➜Bag-In/Bag-Out feature for safe removal of contaminated dust from filters and hopper.
➜Many options including hopper vibrators, bin level detectors, sprinklers and more.
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Piping & Fittings

➜Full range of in-stock vacuum tubing, fittings and hardware to allow for a complete installed system.
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Portable Units

➜Self-contained vacuum systems suitable for use from 1 – 6 technicians.
➜Ideal for housekeeping, sanding, grinding and other pneumatic tools.
➜Optional pulse-jet cleaning system, HEPA Filter and various voltages.
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>➜Vacuum assist tools and dust extraction tools.
➜Rotary sanders, routers, hole saws, grinders and more.
➜Factory can retro-fit existing tools with vacuum assist hardware.
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