Oil Mist Collectors

The generation of oil mist from machining operations can cause a variety of health concerns as well as create an unsafe work environment by coating walls and floors with a slippery oil film. The elimination of these mist is imperative for worker safety.

Industry Air Sales Ltd. offers a complete line of Oil Mist Collectors in Ontario as well as other areas of Canada. The Dry Media Type is a simple, inexpensive style utilizing replaceable filters for the removal of light mists. Electronic Precipitators are designed for heavier mist loading and available with 2 stages of cells for a higher efficiency. The Centrifugal Type Oil Mist Separators are also designed for heavier oil mist loading and are complete with a HEPA filter to ensure absolute filtration.

Dry Media Type

➜Simple and economical way to filter mist and fumes from the ambient air and re-circulate back into the space.
➜Multiple filtration options to suit most industrial needs.
➜Self-contained with fan, filter pressure gauge and various filtration stages.
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Electronic Filters

➜Effective removal of smoke, mist and dust generated from such applications as brazing, casting, flame cutting, grinding, milling, screw machining and more.
➜When ionizer and collector cells become dirty they can be removed, cleaned and replaced thus saving on replacement filter costs.
➜Various configurations to allow the units to be ducted, un-ducted, machine mounted or ceiling hung.
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