Fume Arms & Hose Reels

The most effective way to capture fumes at the source is by the use of self-supporting and adjustable Fume Arms. A full range of diameters, lengths and capacities of Fume Arms are available in Ontario. Whether they are to be wall mounted or bench mounted, these superior designed, cost effective fume arms will satisfy your needs. Optional components available are halogen lights, extension booms, ceiling supports, floor posts and exhaust fans.

Industry Air Sales also offers a complete line of vehicle exhaust products ranging from economical hose drop systems to more user friendly spring return hose reels, motorized hose reels and sliding suction rails.

Fume Arms

➜Versatile fume arms are available in a full range of diameters and lengths.
➜Available with extension booms, wall mounted exhaust fans and light kits.
➜Table and wall mount brackets provide a wide range of flexibility for all applications.
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➜Wide range of high performance, direct drive, AMCA rated fans.
➜Backward Inclined, spark-proof fan wheels for safe, non-overloading operation.
➜Can be used for either fume arm or hose reel exhaust.
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Extension Booms

➜Used to increase reach of MaxAir fume arms Or MaxiReel hose reel by up to 20 feet.
➜Self supporting extension with ball bearing movement and single or double pivot.
➜External supports with smooth internal walls for low pressure drop.
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Exhaust Rails

➜Sliding suction rail is a combination of a duct and sliding trolley.
➜Constructed from light-weight aluminum to minimize hanging weight.
➜Can be used for either fume arm or hose reel exhaust.
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Hose Reels

➜Hose reels designed for the removal of exhaust fumes from motorized vehicles.
➜Different sizes and materials available to suit all needs.
➜Available motorized reels with remote radio transmitters.
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Hose Drops

➜This is an alternate to hose reels.
➜Includes a spring balanced ratchet lock system which adjusts the length of the hose.
➜Available for any size or length of hoses.
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