Dust Collectors

Choosing the right dust or fume collection system is imperative for creating safe and productive work environments for your employees. Removing contaminants and impurities from the air are important considerations for any manufacturing facility and Industry Air Sales ltd. has the experience necessary to do so.

Industry Air Sales Ltd. focuses on Dust Collectors in Ontario. The type of dust collection equipment required is dependent upon the application being considered. Dust type, dust loading, explosivity, humidity, particle size, hours of use and various other considerations are taken into account when selecting the correct dust collector for the application. In many instances the degree of filtration is conducive to recirculating the air back into the workplace thus saving energy costs.

With our knowledge and experience, Industry Air Sales can provide dust collectors in Ontario that are designed in accordance with local regulation such as the Ontario Fire Code as well as the various NFPA guidelines. Turn-key installations with Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews complete with Building Permit applications can be provided as a complete package.

Bag Style

Pulse-Jet Cleaning

➜Top access filter removal units are available with or without a walk-in plenum.
➜Side access filter removal units are available for low headroom applications.
➜Rectangular or cylindrical units are available as are explosion vents for explosive materials and numerous bag materials and styles to suit the most difficult of applications.
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Shaker Cleaning

➜Economical design cleans collected dust from the bags by the use of either a manual or an automatic shaker.
➜Industrial design is well suited to be located outdoors.
➜Available options are integral fan, pre-wired controls, explosion vents and weather protection.
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Cartridge Style

Horizontal Cartridge

➜Provides a smaller footprint and lower height than comparably sized vertical cartridge units.
➜Special features include fully welded construction, bag-in/bag-out filter doors and hopper discharge, explosion venting, optimized pulse cleaning system and optional filter materials.
➜Extremely durable paint finish allows for outdoor installations.
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Vertical Cartridge

➜Vertical cartridges work very well with heavy dusts and in heavy dust loading applications due to hopper inlets, venturi pulsing system and cartridge orientation.
➜These units are economical and very effective for most industrial applications.
➜Special features include various styles and lengths of cartridges and easy filter and pulse valve access.
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Ceiling Hung Units

➜Ceiling hung filtration systems saves on valuable floor space.
➜Units include a fan, high efficiency cartridge filters and a filter pulsing system.
➜Available with fume arms for source capture or without for ambient collection.
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Cyclonic Separators

➜Typically used as a pre-cleaner to a dust collector to remove large heavy particulate from the airstream.
➜Heavy-duty construction is available with or without an integral fan.
➜Dust can be collected in a single drum, double drums or a larger storage hopper.
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Dust Booths

➜Self-contained dust collector modules provide cross ventilation in a work space creating dust free work environments.
➜Modules can be combined to create a large containment booth complete with walls, ceilings and lights.
➜Each module includes a fan, high efficiency cartridge filters and a filter pulsing system.
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Downdraft Benches


➜Manual and pulse-jet cleaning systems available.
➜Non-marring and durable urethane table tops.
➜Standard and custom sizes and capacities available with many options.
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➜Applications from welding, grinding, soldering and de-burring of metal components.
➜Removable side and back walls, pulse-jet cleaning and high velocity steel table top.
➜Multi-stage spark arrestance package with fire retardant filters.
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Dry Media Type

➜Simple and economical way to filter light dust or fumes from the ambient air and re-circulate back into the space.
➜Multiple filtration options to suit most industrial needs.
➜Self-contained with fan, filter pressure gauge and various filtration stages.
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Portable Units

➜Heavy duty welded construction provides long life and superior performance.
➜Standard items include spark trap, pre-filter, washable cartridge, carbon after filter, pulse cleaning system, high capacity fan and 120/1/60 supply voltage.
➜Optional items include a 3 HP fan, 3 phase motors, 2 arms and light kits.
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Wet Collectors

Low Pressure

➜These separators are of heavy duty design ideal for the colection of wet, sticky, flammable or explosive dusts.
➜High efficiency collection allows for recirculation back into workspace in conjuction with NFPA recommendations
➜Offers small foot-print with top mounted spark proof fans.
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High Pressure

➜These separators are designed for use with high pressure vacuum systems.
➜High efficiency collection allows for recirculation back into workspace in conjunction with NFPA recommendations.
➜Ideal for use with hand-held vacuum assisted tools for work on aluminium, magnesium and titanium.
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