Dust Collector Accessories

Industry Air Sales Ltd. offers a full range of dust collector components including dust collector cartridges built in Ontario to fit most sizes, makes or models of dust collectors. These cartridges can be offered from a range from materials from a cellulose blend, fire retardant, nanofiber, spunbond polyester, PTFE and oleophobic blends.

With all dust collectors, there are accessories required to make it a complete system. Some of these components are:

Abort Dampers

➜Abort Dampers are installed downstream of a dust collector fan to direct exhaust air outside the building in the event of a fire or an explosion in the dust collector. They are typically used in conjunction with a Spark Detection System.
➜Heavy-duty construction includes a manual reset lever, flanged inlet, flanged outlet and companion flanges.
➜Includes a magnetic latch system that releases to activate the abort gate when signaled from the control panel.

Cartridges & Bags

➜Full range of pleated cartridges for all makes and models of dust collectors.
➜Full selection of dust collector bags and specialty medias.
➜Deliveries can range from stock for some models while “Quick Ship Programs” are available for some other models.

Exhaust Fans

➜All sizes, styles and capacities available to meet most every application.
➜Optional items available include dampers, silencers, unitary bases, flexible connectors, spark resistant construction, explosion proof motors, variable frequency drives, etc.
➜Deliveries can range from stock for some models while “Quick Ship Programs” are available for some other models.

Inlet Blowback Dampers

➜Gravity style dampers that are installed at inlet of a dust collector to prevent explosions or fires from entering the room through the inlet ducting.
➜Dampers close upon fan shut down to prevent back-drafts from entering the building.
➜Heavy-duty construction complete with a flanged inlet, flanged outlet and companion flanges.
➜Includes an adjustable counter-balance arm to assist the opening and closing of the valve plate.

Motor Control Panels

➜CSA Approved panels designed specifically for each application.
➜Typically includes a NEMA 12 enclosure with fused disconnect switch, motor starter rated for motor voltage, control transformer, pushbuttons, pilot lights, pulse timer board and pressure gauge to determine filter pressure drop.

Spark Detection Systems

➜Required when re-circulating air from a dust collector that is collecting a combustible or an explosive dust.
➜Includes a main control panel, infra-red detectors, water spray nozzles, abort damper relays, fan shut-down relays, alarm relays and a battery back-up.
➜Available for single zone or multi-zone applications.
➜FM Approved.

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