Cleanrooms and Wall Systems

Industry Air Sales is your Canadian source for cleanroom filters, ceiling grid, and soft-wall and hard-wall systems. We also specialize in cleanroom components that require HEPA or ULPA filters, including air showers and pass-throughs. IAS offers more than 50-years combined experience in air filtration and dust extraction for critical environments. As well, IAS represents some of the most respected manufacturers in the North American cleanroom business including Atmos-Tech Industries, Cleanrooms International and Filtration Group.

We are the Canadian source for high quality:

Visit our Cleanrooms webpage for brochures and tech sheets on our diverse Cleanroom product line, or drop us an email or a phone call to Gary Curtis or Rob Poleyko for further technical assistance or for equipment selection, specifications and pricing.

Air Showers

➜HEPA filtered walk-through air shower chambers.
➜Designed to remove particulate from personnel entering a cleanroom.
➜Designed to Class 100 specifications.
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Benches & Work Stations

➜Full range of HEPA filtered benches and workstations.
➜Designed to Class 100 specifications.
➜Many options are available.
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Fan Filter Units

➜Self-contained motorized Supply Air Modules equipped with either HEPA or ULPA filters.
➜May configurations including room-side replaceable filters, variable speed motors and low noise, energy efficient motors.
➜Available in painted, aluminum or SS materials.
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T-Grid Systems

➜Different styles of gel seal and gasket T-profile grids from extruded aluminum.
➜Available cleanroom light fixtures, teardrop lights and flow through troffers.
➜Full range of suspension hardware and connection pieces.
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Panel HEPA Filters

➜Efficiencies ranging from 99.97% on 0.3 micron (HEPA) to 99.9995% on 0.12 micron (ULPA).
➜Various sizes and pleat depths available for low pressure drops.
➜Anodized aluminum frame with painted, aluminum or SS screens to protect the filter media.
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Pass Throughs

➜Designed to help control contaminants from entering the cleanroom during pick up and delivery of product or supplies.
➜Can be fabricated from laminated particle board, powder coated steel or stainless steel.
➜Custom designed cabinets are available to meet most needs.
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Terminal Diffusers

➜Available in roomside replaceable or disposable configurations.
➜Designed for T-grid or drywall ceilings.
➜Adjustable dampers, test ports, aerosol injection ports and various materials of construction.
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Wall Systems

Soft Wall Systems

➜Quick ship standard designs or custom engineered systems are available.
➜Many options including casters, telescopic legs, various curtains and airflow controls.
➜Can offer Class 100,000 to Class 100 design.
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Hard Wall Systems

➜Pre-engineered modular designed cleanrooms are cut to size at the the factory for assembly on site.
➜Available in 2″ or 3″ panels that can be expanded to in the future.
➜Flush mounted windows and airflow controls are standard offerings.
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