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Bag-In/Bag-Out Filtration

Bag-In-Bag-Out Filtration

Industry Air Sales Ltd (IAS) has been representing Contamination Technology Corp (CTC) Bag-in/Bag-out Filtration equipment since our start-up in 1999. IAS is one of CTC’s largest representatives, and we are one of the largest suppliers of Bag-in/Bag-out (BIBO) filtration housings and systems in Canada with over 300 CTC BIBO systems installed from coast-to-coast.

Built to ASME N509 Nuclear Standard and tested to ASME N510 Standard, all housings and systems are fabricated from either T304 or T316 stainless-steel with 100% seam-welded construction. Every BIBO housing and Bubble-tight Damper is leak-tested at +/- 10”wc to meet the criteria of ASME N510 testing.  We can supply housings as small as 12”x12” and as large as 96”x96”, in either gasket-seal or fluid-seal filter design. We have supplied systems with pre-filter, HEPA/ULPA and HEGA (gas phase) sections, and can accommodate test sections of almost any configuration to meet BSL3 or BSL4 criteria. We can supply transitions and plenums with multiple dampers, also 100% redundant and N+1 redundant filter systems.  Systems with integral fan, redundant fan, skid base and double-wall insulation can also be provided for a complete isolation system.

We have supplied containment BIBO filter systems on the following applications:

o   Hospital Airborne Isolation Room Exhaust

o   Hospital Critical Procedure Supply and Exhaust Filter Systems

o   Hospital Cyclotron Exhaust Containment

o   Pharma/Biopharma packaging exhaust filtration (typically as dust collector or vacuum system safety filter)

o   High Potency and Cytotoxic drug filtration

o   Fume Hoods for biological and heavy-metal containment

Though typically engineered for the consulting engineer, housings and systems can be designed and sold directly to manufacturers and design-build contractors. Please don’t hesitate to Gary Curtis or Rob Poleyko for further information on CTC Bag-in/Bag-out Filtration Systems.

HEPA Housings

JP Air Media Filter
➜Stainless Steel (T304 or T316) Side Access Housings.
➜Continuous TIG Welded to ASME Standards.
➜Gasket or Gel-Seal HEPA Filter & Gas-Phase stages.
➜Many options & customized systems available.

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Carbon Housings

Carbon Filter
➜Gas phase filtration designed for the collection of gaseous compounds in an airstream.
➜Frame of adsorber filters are fabricated from Stainless Steel (T304 or T316).
➜Available in both gasket seal and gel seal configurations.

Isolation Housings

Bag In Bag Out Isolation
➜Stainless Steel (T304 or T316) Housings with Transitions & Dampers.
➜Bubble-Tight Dampers with Manual, Pneumatic or Electric Actuators.
➜Decontamination, DOP and specialty sanitary ports available.
➜Many options & customized systems available.

Bubble Tight Dampers

JP Air Media Filter
➜Constructed of 10 Ga. Stainless Steel (T304 or T316).
➜Bubble tight design to a differential pressure of -10 w.g.
➜Size range between 6“and 36“diameter.
➜Available in Round or Oval configurations.

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