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The demand for energy all over the world is on the rise. One main reason for this is the increasing loads for cooling during summer. This extra demand for power coincides with decreasing power outputs in power plants run by gas turbines. The daily summer demand is at a peak because of the high ambient temperatures, and the problem at hand is that the same heat also significantly decreases the efficient generation of power in gas turbine filters Ontario area. In addition, the price of every kilowatt produced in power plants during this season increases by a magnitude of four compared to the cooler seasons.

Using technologies of vapor mechanical compression, the turbine’s power output and performance becomes unaffected by the ambient conditions in its cooling phase, which coincides with the peak period of demand. In other words, there is full power availability from the turbines and gas turbine filters Ontario, which satisfies the demand and avoids the need to buy from other sources at exorbitant prices. There is also the benefit of incurring lower cost for the extra kilowatts as compared to kilowatts from newly installed turbines. This extra power utilizes less fuel compared to new turbines because of the chilled turbine’s lower rate of heat. This results in higher efficiency.

For over 90 years, American Air Filters (AAF) has been a leader in the field of air filtration, through the most demanding conditions and the toughest environmental challenges. The filtration, noise abatement and other turbine products we make are effective, durable and crucial to greater efficiency and performance in a wide range of industries. Don’t trust your productivity to anything less than a leader.

Your Ontario source for gas-turbine filter sales and service is Industry Air Sales Ltd. With over 50 years of combined experience in industrial and process air filtration and dust collection, Gary & Rob are your experienced source for AAF Gas Turbine aftermarket filters, acoustical equipment and retrofit solutions.

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AAF Static Filtration Solutions

➜Give your gas turbines the tough, effective filtration they deserve. Innovative depth-loading media and robust construction allow AAF static filters to withstand extreme cycles—including high heat, freezing cold and fluctuating moisture levels—without degrading performance.
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AAF Canister Filtration Solutions

➜Created after extensive research, testing and development, AAF fine canister filtration solutions use scientifically advanced materials and construction techniques to create media with highly effective surface-loading properties. As a result, submicron particles collect on the surface rather than making their way into the interior of gas turbines.

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AAF Retrofit Solutions

➜“For more than 65 years, AAF has been providing filtration systems to clean intake air for high-performance rotating machinery. Over time, AAF added inlet air filtration systems, noise control and inlet air cooling systems for all classes of gas turbines and rotating machinery. AAF specializes in retrofitting aging gas turbines, rotating machinery and internal combustion engines to enhance performance.”
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