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The Medical-Cannabis industry has grown almost overnight in Canada, but there is limited expertise or experience from Canadian consultants or design-build contractors with respect to HVAC systems and filtration.

Many of these facilities are vacant manufacturing plants and warehouses being retrofitted to suit cannabis grow-op production, but HVAC & Filtration systems must be updated and upgraded to meet Health Canada requirements. IAS has experience with medical-cannabis filtration and we are here to help with you with that process.

HVAC Filtration

One of the toughest areas for indoor medical cannabis production is HVAC filtration. High-Efficiency Gaseous Air (HEGA) filtration is mandatory to contain objectionable odors that arise during certain phases and processes of the growing operation, and High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration is mandatory in some areas and processes to eliminate the possibility of x-contamination and infiltration or exfiltration of potentially harmful plant spores, particulates and bacteria. Only HEGA & HEPA filtration can guarantee the control of these submicron contaminants.


Industry Air Sales (IAS) can offer the highest quality air filtration products and equipment to protect your personnel, your product and your immediate environment. At IAS, air filtration is our business, in fact it is our only business, providing air filtration solutions to industries that require critical air cleanliness, including:

  • Pharmaceutical & Bio-Pharmaceutical (Supply & Exhaust HEPA Filter Systems)
  • Hospitals (Critical Procedure Suites & Air Isolation Room Exhaust Filter Systems)
  • Labs (Life Science, Bio-Safety, Microelectronics, etc)
  • Chemical & Biological Containment (to name just a few industries we serve)

IAS has experience with Medical-Cannabis filtration solutions and we can assist your facility with HEGA & HEPA filter equipment to meet the most stringent requirements.

Hega Filters

hega filterThere are many carbon (HEGA) filter products available today, but the carbon filter with the highest carbon content per cfm (cubic feet/minute air volume) is the cylindrical HEGA canister. These canisters, available in 18” or 24” lengths, hold significantly more media than any other HEGA filter.

For example, based on 1000cfm airflow, a 12x24x11.5” disposable carbon (HEGA)filter cell may contain anywhere from 2-lb to 10-lbs of carbon media. Upgrading to a carbon tray system will increase the carbon weight to maybe 45-lbs, but these trays are subject to gaseous bypass, decreasing their efficiency.

On the other hand, a 24” carbon canister system uses (8) canisters for a total carbon weight of approx. 52 lbs of carbon media per 1000cfm. The efficiency of the carbon canister is also much higher because the carbon-canisters are gasketed and sealed into the holding frame.

For these reasons, IAS (and most other filter suppliers) strongly recommend the use of carbon-canister housings for cannabis odor control requirements. The carbon canisters have the highest carbon content (per cfm), low pressure-drop per cfm, and longest service life or odor-adsorbtion capacity per cfm for any carbon filter.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters

High-Efficiency-Particulate-Airfrom IAS are available in a wide range of capacities and efficiencies, to meet the most stringent Health-Canada requirements. Every HEPA filter is factory tested and these factory leak tests can be replicated after installation, if required. Contact IAS to get more information on HEPA/ULPA filter efficiency, factory testing and in-situ (field) certification.

High-Efficiency-Particulate-AirIAS, partnering with leading filter manufacturers’, can provide any configuration of HEGA (Carbon), or HEPA filter system. Side-Access filter housings can be provided suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. We can also supply integral fan/motor systems, all skid-mounted, to facilitate installation.

Differential pressure gages can be factory-Mounted, and can provide pressure-drops transmitted to Bldg.

Automation Systems (BAS).  All filters are industry-standard sizes, so you are never stuck single-sourcing filters from IAS or our manufacturer. Also, IAS strongly promotes the use of refillable carbon canisters, reducing the landfill imprint of our filter systems. Our carbon canisters can be sent to a Canadian reactivation facility for reactivation and reuse, making your facility more eco-friendly.

Let IAS help solve your HVAC air filtration requirements in your new or existing medical cannabis plant…. We are here to help get your facility fully compliant!


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